Save 10% of your
household water!



Enviro Water Saver can save you water and money, in one simple step. Pay once and save for the entire lifetime of your household...  Now That's SMART!



Stop Water Wastage!

An average home can save 10% of household water usage with a single Enviro Watersaver installation.

For very little outlay and with absolutely no ongoing extra power costs for the entire lifetime of the dwelling, you will save water for the lifetime of your household.

This system, which featured as a judges' and people's choice winner on the ABC’s New Inventors program, and was named by the show’s host, James O’Loghlin as his favourite, automatically diverts the water which has cooled in the hot water pipes and sends it back into the cold water line, rainwater tank, or other storage tank, instead of otherwise flowing down the drain.

It's that simple!

Enviro Save Water System